Visual Identity System

This typographic identity mobilizes the ideas of movement and flexibility, elevating the concept of gaming through a conceptual approach.

E3, also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a trade event for the video game industry.

This rebrand brings into focus the essence of early video games. Graphic elements are inspired by the making of Life and Pong.

I chose E3 due to my interest in the entertainment industry and gaming culture. As a gamer myself, I believe that E3 should remain an exclusive aspect of the gaming industry, but also give opportunities to the gamers, players and makers.

This project allowed me to apply a less conventional approach to branding that crosses multiple media types for a cohesive brand experience.

Posters Series

Infographic Posters


Business Cards


Spacial Graphics

Social Media



Game On

Game On is a gaming contest powered by E3. The primary goal is to give a platform for individuals that want to pursue work in the gaming industry. One division is for adults and one is for younger people to design and develop video games. There will be one brief for each year and the winner will be announced and showcased at the E3 Expo.


Gamifying the logo and brand. “Match” is a simple shooter game made with the E3 logotype. The purpose of this game is to connect gamers and visitors. It is both a  single-player and PVP game.  The player will play with the keyboard on the web and play with the controller in real life. Inspired by the early video games such as Space Invaders and Asteroids, Match brings the retrogaming experience into a modern context.

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