Formerly known as Globalization Partners, G-P helps businesses rapidly expand internationally whilst ensuring legal compliance locally via their industry-leading employment platform.

With remote working soaring in our post-pandemic world, G-P wanted to cement their position as a category-defining brand on a mission to break down barriers to global business and enable opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

After two years of rapid expansion, they approached Moving Brands to enhance their brand identity to build awareness, elevate and communicate their competitive advantages and further accelerate growth. Our ultimate goal was to consolidate their position as the most transformative, universally reliable and intuitive partnership provider in the Employer of Record field.

The new logo uses the 24 hour time zones to represent the full globe, using the new palette’s “earth” colours as an expression of communication and connection. Motion through the logo sees the gradient and three inset circles sequenced according to movement of an inner circle appearing from east to west, a nod to the path of the sun around the world.

Further building on this re-energised brand personality, we ensured the brand articulation also integrated sonic design and a custom typeface. This work included creating sonic branding for G-P’s new animated logo and providing strategic insight on sound design, plus guidance on how to create and curate future sound.

Meanwhile, the geometric nature of the unique new typeface speaks to GP’s leading AI-driven technology, softened with an ink-trap feature that introduces a distinctly human touch. Ligatures, meanwhile, convey connection and partnership, and custom symbols, such as a full list of currencies, cater to G-P’s international reach.

Our final brand strategy, identity and guidelines translated the core truth of G-P into a dynamic, authentic and truly global brand driven to create a world that taps into the fullness of human potential.

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