In collaborated with:
Alexandra Ostrovskaya (Film)
and Shain Ansari (Photo)

Ad campaign

Roles: Graphic Design & Art Direction

For the ones that dream in pink, PINKORAMA is a swatch watch that shows off one’s personality. This is a 360 campaign that captures the motion of the watch.

PINKORAMA celebrates self-expression in its full capacity, in a bright and loud way. Inspired by the material and technicality of the watch itself, we created an alternative reality for the ones that are not afraid to show their character.

The target audience is unisex, 15-25, people who are into DIY fashion. Staying on the brand, “Swatch is an attitude, an approach to life, a way of seeing. The sight of a Swatch excites emotion. Wearing one is a way to communicate, to speak without speaking. Heart to heart.”

One challenge was to make sure the watch was highlighted and showcased during the lifestyle shoots, since the size was small and it’s even less noticeable when in motion. Having hands-on experiences with a variety of talents was an adventure. I learned the pipeline of a real life production and how to direct a team of talents with different backgrounds.

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