Founded in 2011, Phenom set out to become a global HR technology company that could help a billion people find the right job and discover their true potential. Since then it has experienced significant growth, with +1,200 team members, and +400 customers.

Delivering an AI-based SaaS platform that connects HR professionals with the talent that they seek, and vice versa, Phenom came to Moving Brands to develop a brand identity system that felt more human, asking for our help to connect the dots between their intelligent HR technology and the real people it benefits the most.

We redefined their identity to illustrate the realities of our more emotive and purpose-driven career journeys.

We then brought it to life visually through the use of motion, iconography, illustration, photography guidelines, a logo refresh,

‘Pathway to Purpose’ and what became an internal rallying cry for the brand—Pathway to Purpose.

The new Phenom identity is a sophisticated and human-first creative expression inspired by their vision of a more empathetic approach to HR.

A career path is beautifully complex and often non-linear
What we think a career path looks like & What they actually look like

Colors inspired by Holi

The Phenom gradients are derived from the Hindu festival, Holi, inspired by the founders’ heritage. We use a celebration of color to add an alternate layer blend to our palette.

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