The Tenement Museum
The United States has a larger immigrant population than any other country. 

With the current climate of immigrations policies in the US, The Tenement Museum is the one that documents the earliest groups of immigrants in history. I wanted to rebrand the museum into a call to action, combining younger generations and the sharing of sharing of untold stories.

The Identity system is inspired by the window system and form from the Tenement buildings. The windows are used as positive and negative space for revealing and exploring context.  Inspired by Jacob Riis’ photography, which captured the slum life in the tenements, the visuals are in rich layers and texture of the culture and history.

The Logo



Store Front

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An transmedia installation designed to introduce the exhibition for the Tenement Museum. This is a personal experience for the audience to learn about the past stories from the Lower East Side.

view full installation project here

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